Here are the vital statistics for human civilisation on the planet.

These simple numbers are what you get when the latest scientific data and basic principles of common sense are put together.

CutXpercent informs every nation of the world of the emission cuts that are required to achieve to remain under a 1.5°C and 2°C temperature rise.

The reductions are per capita, they start from today, and they must happen every year.

These numbers are rooted in the remaining global carbon budget for both 1.5°C and 2°C heating. They are updated annually in response to the scientific data.

Who really knows if we are on track to safeguard the future of human civilisation?

How can we hold governments to account if we do not know where we are up to?

Why is there no clear index for climate change?

Preview snapshot of the 2024 CutX numbers

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Why no Climate Change index?

The COVID-19 pandemic made clear how important it is to have government policies guided by up-to-date science.

Almost immediately, dashboards were available to policy makers and the public. This transparency:

  • kept people informed of essential data
  • helped people understand any compromises that had to be made in their lives
  • held governments accountable for their responses

We have known about the existential threat of climate change for decades. The key data is out there, yet it remains hidden inside layers of scientific reports and behind casual media coverage.

This is an astonishing omission.

CutXpercent provides simple access to a dashboard of numbers that the worlds' most eminent scientists think should be widely known.

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Spread the numbers!

Seen the numbers? Understood the science? Good start! For real change to happen, we now need your action! Together we can collectively create awareness, to hold our governments to account and ultimately embed the numbers into our democratic system. Spread the CutXpercent numbers!

The Numbers

Discover your nation's carbon emissions percentage needed to globally stay below a 1.5°C and 2°C temperature rise target.

The Academy

The Climate Academy provides students with a systemic understanding of the crisis. It then empowers students into the democratic space through projects with real systemic leverage.

The Science

How does CutXpercent work? Check out the science behind the CutXpercent numbers. Courtesy of Homo Sapiens Foundation.

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